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Artemis Artemis
Outer Senshi No Henshin-1 Transform Download

English Lyrics

Japanese Lyrics (Romanization)

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Comments about this Song:

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12-31-2005 Dollisa Jennings    

There is no Sailor earth because Tuxedo Kamen is the protector of earth.

12-04-2005 Regina Rossi    

This song is a little different from the tv show, but it's still cool!

10-17-2005 Mary Smith    

I made up 3 Outer Sailor Senshi related characters. Here they are;
Sailor Mini Uranus. Looks just like Uranus except with pink hair and a slightly lighter outfit.
Sailor Mini Neptune. Looks just like Neptune except with sky blue hair and a slightly lighter outfit.
Sailor Mini Pluto. Looks just like Pluto except grass green colored hair and a slightly lighter outfit. They transform exactly like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto do.

10-17-2005 Kristin Shafik    

Uranus Planet Power! Nuptune Planet Power! Pluto Planet Power!

05-05-2005 Shannon Walter    

i love this song and sailor uranus next to sailor moon of coarse!!!!!!!! GO SAILOR URANUS AND MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-07-2003 Rifah Huq    

Is there a Sailor Earth?

05-25-2003 Cassie Jayne    

I love the violin in the noraml version of the song, and i love Pluto's transformation, it looks cool

05-03-2003 Khara Baughan    

In the normal song i love the violin and i love pluto shes my fav

04-17-2003 Caitlin Wilder    

definitly* (i can not spell too save my life)-_-0

03-24-2003 Caitlin Wilder    

one of my favs definetly

02-28-2003 Sarah West    

this music is ma fave and the outer senshi attack theme too, but th emusic is different than the tv, i mean it sound different

12-13-2002 Lauren Bauer    

earth star power!

08-18-2002 Ruotian Rika    

I think this is good

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